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Financial budget

Details of the MUFACE funding sources for 2018

MUFACE, to fulfil its purposes, has an annual budget that is financed through the contributions of mutual society members, State contributions, a State subsidy (that basically finances the deficit produced annually when meeting the benefits of the integrated Mutual Societies Special Fund), with other diverse income (yields from accounts and securities, income from own assets, etc.) and the treasury surplus, in accordance with the following distribution for 2018:

  • Mutual society member contributions: 19.09%
  • State contributions: 76.51%
  • State subsidy: 4.22%
  • Other income: 0.18%

To meet the expenses of its protective action, MUFACE allocates approximately 83.81% of its Expenditure Budget to the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Prescription allowance, 11.66% to the remaining Administrative Mutualism benefits, 2.36% to the Mutual societies within the Special Fund, and 2.16% to administration and operation expenses.

Members must understand the following general contents relating to the insurance for civil servants:

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