Until 30 April, You decide!

Vote for the solidarity project you would like to make happen

05 February 2018

Clients, employees, brokers, suppliers and healthcare professionals from the company can choose 10 projects from among 52 finalists in this call to receive financial aid. This year, DKV will donate 120,000 euros. In addition, the “Health and Environment” category has a voting system open to everyone who wishes to take part

Once again this year, DKV Seguros has launched the campaign "You decide. Tell us which project you would like to support. Leave the rest to us." The company will support the projects that employees, brokers, medical staff, clients and suppliers vote for by 30 April as part of DKV's thirteenth Call for Aid for Health and Disability Social Projects.

As we all know, DKV wants to create a healthier world, and for this reason, it supports social causes and initiatives related to sport, healthcare, and care for the environment. This campaign aims to provide an opportunity for projects that seek to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged people and promote campaigns to raise awareness about the impact of environmental factors on health.

In this new edition, the company has added some new features. Although nearly thirty thousand people voted in 2017, this year we expect to beat this number as the voting for the “Health and Environment” category is open everyone. However, the most significant change is related to the financial resources that the company has allocated for this new campaign. A total of 120,000 euros will be shared between 10 new projects, with a maximum of 12,000 euros each. There will be 52 finalist projects to choose from in the two categories selected for this year.

Any Spanish national or resident can vote in the open voting category. Two winning projects will be chosen in this category, focused on a positive health impact and raising awareness about the impact of environmental factors on health. In addition, initiatives presented by education cooperatives will be accepted, related to the prevention of childhood obesity, medical societies, patient associations, and start-ups.

On the other hand, in the closed voting category, voting is restricted to DKV clients, employees, brokers, and healthcare professionals and providers. A total of eight winning projects will be chosen from the areas of health prevention and promotion, food disorders, disability, and active ageing.

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