Prize for our app Quiero cuidarme

Winner of The Diario Médico 2017 Best Ideas Award


19 November 2017

On 13 November, Diario Medico acknowledged the contribution of professionals, institutions and companies in the improvement in medicine and healthcare in 2017 It has now staged the sixteenth edition of its awards to the best ideas for healthcare innovation 

The most downloaded app in Spain with 130,000 users

The awards gala, organised by Diario Médico each year, was held at the Teatro Nacional de Cataluña [National Theatre of Catalonia] on 13 November at 7:30 pm. The Quiero cuidarme [I want to take care of myself] project, developed by DKV, won one of the Best Ideas awards for 2017, in the Management category.

The Quiero cuidarme app, winner of the Management category.

Quiero cuidarme is part of the "Mi salud al día" [My daily health] project, which is a digital ecosystem that links self-care to new technologies, and has become the most downloaded health application in Spain over recent months. 130,000 users use the app try to gradually improve their health, enabling it to obtain an overall score of 670 on the healthy lifestyle index

An app that builds your personal health story

This app allows you to build your personal health story by recording your scores. It also helps you to take the time to look after yourself in order to improve your well-being through different personalised action plans, and lets you know what the state of your health is at all times with the healthy life index. 

This year, more than 80 initiatives won an award, which were supported by a total of 121 companies that have been recognised for their work. Among them is the collaboration between the Instituto para el Desarrollo e Integración de la Sanidad [Institute for the Development and Integration of Healthcare] (IDIS), doctors, pharmacists and mutual insurance companies, which led to the development of the e-prescription and which won an award in the Healthcare Policy category; and the ten rules on how to improve healthcare quality using medical records, which was developed by the World Trade Organization's Central Ethics Committee and which won an award in the legal, professional conduct and ethics initiative category.