DKV adds the online appointment booking service

Via the private client area, client app and the website


05 May 2018

DKV wants to continue to facilitate administrative procedures for its clients and, as a result, has now launched the online appointment booking service. The platform will allow all clients to request an appointment online and choose their physician, thanks to the access provided to the medical directory.  

The project, developed by Salutic and professionals from the Health, Systems and Quality department, began with a pilot in Zaragoza and, after months of testing has finally been rolled out to all the company's Health Areas and preferred collaborators. 

As well as providing a very useful function, the online appointments programme is very simple and intuitive to use. All DKV clients will be able to book appointments via the private client area, online medical directory, client app and health spaces website. Here we explain how to proceed in each case: 

In this case, we use the medical directory search engine to consult specialists who offer online appointment services. This will be anyone with an active “Request an appointment" button. When you click on it, you will be taken to the physician's schedule. Once there, you can consult more appointments by clicking on "See more" and change day using the arrows. 

To reserve your appointment, all you have to do is click on the time that suits you that's available. When you have clicked on the time, you will see a brief summary of the appointment selected so you can confirm or cancel it. If you confirm it, an email will be sent to the account associated with the client. Furthermore, the programme is set up to send a reminder one day before the appointment. 

Another way to book your appointment is via the “My favourite physicians" tab, which will take you directly to your preferred physician. If you want to check the appointment, you can do so through My doctors → My online appointments to access the doctor's schedule or cancel the appointment. In this last case, a new email will be sent to your account to notify you of the procedure. 


If you prefer to book an appointment via the medical directory, you will have to fill in the details requested and click on Online appointment to filter the physicians who offer this service. Once you have done this, you must identify yourself using your National Identity Card and password. 

When you have logged in, you will see the physician you selected and the available appointments. From then on, the process is the same as for the Private Customer Area. However, if you book an appointment via the medical directory, you will not be able to check your appointments, as this function is only offered in the private area.  


Finally, when you use the app to access the medical directory section, you can use the search engine to find the physicians who have available online appointments or go to "My appointments" to view your existing appointments. If you use the search engine, the procedure will be the same as in the previous cases and you will be able to book the day and time that suits you with the physician you prefer. 

The company organised two training courses on 20 and 21 February in Barcelona to help physicians become familiar with this new system. The session held on the Tuesday was for small doctors' surgeries and medical centres, or those offering one specialism, while the Wednesday session was for clinics and polyclinics. All those attending were received by Doctor David Fornells Espinosa and taught by Fèlix de Federico, one of the physicians who was most involved in developing the tool. More than thirty DKV medical personnel attended the session to find out more about this new service. 

According to David Fornells, the Barcelona Medical Director, “The tool has been very well-received by those attending the sessions, as it enables clients to contact collaborating centres and provides them with a tool they can use to manage their diaries".