Procedure for sick leave claims


How do I file a claim for sick leave?

To receive the daily allowance, you must provide:

  • The documentation proving your incapacity for work, i.e., the Social Security sick leave certificate.
  • The medical information needed to assess your case.
  • The claim form, which you will find in the documentation that was given to you when you signed the policy, duly filled out. If you lack these, you can provide a letter written by your doctor that includes the identification of the doctor him- or herself, the identity, age, profession or activity of the insured person, the illness causing the temporary disability and its causes and background, the likely start date of the process, the date from which the insured party is unable to develop his or her professional activity and the prognosis of the duration of the ailment.

During the processing of the case, it's possible that we may need more information, both medical and administrative.

You can send us this documentation through your nearest branch.