DKV and Ayuda en Acción present an innovative programme to prevent childhood obesity through schools

The two companies have launched a new community project to prevent overweight and childhood obesity which involves students, parents, and the educational community.

This afternoon in Cornellà de Llobregat, as part of the Aquí también programme, DKV and Ayuda en Acción presented the third edition of the project "Healthy eating and living habits for children and families at risk of social exclusion in Spain", an innovative programme of workshops aiming to prevent overweight and childhood obesity through schools.

The event was attended by Montserrat Pérez, Deputy Mayor of Education and Social Policy for the City Council of Cornellà; Miguel García, Head of Communication and Responsible Business at DKV; Marta Marañón, Director of Institutional Relationships of the Ayuda en Acción Foundation; Dr Rafael Casas, Psychiatrist and Health Consultant specialised in childhood obesity; Dr Conxa Castell, Director of the Healthy Life Promotion Service of the Public Health Agency of the Government of Catalonia, and Eduard Cirera Prats, Director of the Instituto Cornellà.

The project, which will run over the 2018/2019 school year, continues the collaboration between DKV and Ayuda en Acción and consolidates the work undertaken in previous editions, which has had a positive impact in Aragon (Zaragoza) and Catalonia (Cornellà of Llobregat). This is the primary reason for maintaining a project that strives to promote healthy eating and living habits in these regions, through 33 workshops run by the Alícia Foundation involving different interest groups.

According to the WHO, Spain is among the six countries in the EU with the highest levels of childhood obesity. 40% of Spanish children are overweight while a fifth are obese. This public health issue affects society as a whole and leads to serious illnesses, psycho-social problems, and academic failure.

Therefore, tackling this issue requires the participation of society as a whole. Strategies must be implemented through the collective effort and cooperation of all members of society. For this reason, these workshops form part of a community project that promotes collaboration between different local stakeholders. The activities not only benefit the students (primary and secondary) but also teachers, families and other organisations. The aim is to develop the educational potential of the entire community and boost cooperation to tackle the universally important topic of healthy living.

Problems related to malnutrition directly affect the most disadvantaged people in society. Therefore, DKV and Ayuda en Acción aim to provide support to these people by fighting against inequality and other factors involved in the intergenerational transmission of poverty in Spain. Miguel García, Manager of Communication and Responsible Business at DKV explains,In addition to collaborating with Ayuda en Acción and the Alicia Foundation in this project, DKV also works to prevent and reduce overweight and childhood obesity through the #Apptívate programme, a project that combines different actions aiming to help children, young people and families, in schools, in administrations, and with all involved stakeholders, in order to change the lifestyle of children and adolescents in terms of their diet and physical activity.”

Furthermore, Marta Marañón, Director of Institutional Relationships of the Ayuda en Acción Foundation, added: “This collaboration with DKV makes it possible for Ayuda en Acción to promote healthy living conditions among children and their families within the framework of our work to combat social inequality and child poverty".