DKV and the Vila Casas Foundation inaugurates the exhibition “Soñando una posibilidad” at the venue Volart

The exhibition establishes a dialogue between artists of the DKV Collection and artists of the Vila Casas Foundation Collection, which come together for the first time.

DKV and the Vila Casas Foundation have inaugurated the exhibition “Soñando una posibilidad”, a dialogue between the Vila Casas Foundation Collection and the DKV Collection, as part of the October programme of events at the venue Volart. Both collections come together for the first time with the aim of establishing an interaction between artists that will multiply meanings and create new aesthetic itineraries.

To this end, the exhibition “Soñando una posibilidad” establishes a dialogue between artists of the Vila Casas Foundation Collection, defined through the perspective of the collector Antoni Vila Casas, and various creators of the DKV Collection, created according to the foundation's objectives of connecting art and health. This exhibition includes a group of Spanish contemporary artists, paying special attention to emerging artists.

The exhibition's curators, Natàlia Chocarro and Alicia Ventura, have rejected any chronological classification, any classification related to a specific artistic trend or any classification related to the medium, and they are seeking micro-stories with a hermeneutic discourse from which information about its meaning can be obtained. In this sense, the stage of this exhibition is a convulsive contemporary context where the creators build their own universe.

The exhibition can be visited up to 30 December 2018.

The DKV Collection, supporting emerging artists

The DKV Collection forms a rich panorama of 21st-century Spanish contemporary art and almost all of the artists featured in the DKV Collection have enjoyed some degree of exposure over the last two decades. The DKV Collection aims to support young and mid-career artists, making it one of the most active and determined institutional schemes in recent years. In addition, it serves as a visual archive of the wide variety of trends and lines developed by our contemporary artists.

Therefore, the DKV Collection provides the opportunity to create and propose unique narratives which, as in this case, can be adapted to different types of spaces; be it a space of modernist architectural heritage like the one used in this exhibition; a church built in the 17th century with a magnificent altarpiece; a historic building built in the late 18th century; or a neutral space used to exhibit contemporary art.

The DKV Collection is part of the DKV ARTERIA programme, which includes various projects that use art as a communication tool with the goal of improving the health and the quality of life of people. DKV ARTERIA is also focused on humanising hospital spaces in order to improve the experience of patients and their companions.