DKV and the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation join forces to plant 150 trees in Ejulve (Teruel)

The Plant-for-the-Planet Climate Justice Ambassadors were presented during the event

DKV and the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation organised yesterday a planting of trees in Ejulve (Teruel), an area that suffered in July 2009 one of the largest forest fires ever in Aragon that completely devastated over 12,000 hectares of forest mass. The affected area was not populated by fire resilient species, but mainly high-mountain pine groves.

El acto, en el que se plantaron 150 árboles (principalmente diversas variedades de encinas, robles y sabinas), contó con participaron empleados de DKV en Aragón, encabezados el Dr. Josep Santacreu, consejero delegado de DKV, así como con D. Ovídio Ortín, Alcalde de Ejulve; Mr. Jordi Juanós, director of Plant-for-the-Planet Spain; D. Carlos Abad, presidente del Grupo LEADER ADIBAMA; volunteers of Plant-for-the-Planet; and youngsters from the Maestrazgo region.

Prior to the planting, the area's reforestation project was presented, which is financially supported by DKV; the area's Leader initiatives; the City Halls of the area that suffered the fire in 2009; several companies, which will compensate their CO2 emissions by regenerating the forest of this emblematic territory; the Plant-for-the-Planet Climate Justice Ambassadors; and its academy in Teruel, which consists of 50 children and adolescents in the area that, as Climate Justice Ambassadors, will become guardians of the rehabilitated territory.

The main aim of this network of ambassadors is to get the youngsters of the world to work on solving the climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, keeping global warming below 2ºC and planting 1 billion trees all around the world. To this date, the project has contributed to the planting of over 14,000 million trees.

“Over the last decade, at DKV we have been doing our bit to demonstrate the fundamental role of the environment and to combat its potentially adverse effects on our health and quality of life. This is why we support entities like Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation, which is fighting against climate change”, said Dr. Santacreu.

About the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation:

Plant-for-the-Planet Spain is today present in different cities of Spain, such as Lleida, Barcelona, Girona, Madrid, Zaragoza, Murcia and the Canary Islands, with more than 40 academies and 2,800 young Spanish Climatic Justice Ambassadors.

The foundation was set up in 2007 by the German Felix Finkbeiner when he was 9 years old, after carrying out a school project about how the climate crisis affected the planet. To fight against this problem, Finkbeiner thought that all the children in the world could plant a million trees in their countries and contribute to cleaning the air. Four years later, in 2011 Felix Finkbeiner, who is now of legal age, together with his parents, who were already activists, created the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation (name given by the United Nations) and a worldwide tree counter. DKV Seguros believes that companies have a social responsibility before citizens and supports sustainable development. The company argues that the need to monetise, through good products and good service, is compatible with the pursuit of social and environmental benefits.