DKV sets aside €116,000 to fund ten social projects chosen by its customers, employees, doctors, brokers, and the general public

DKV sets aside €116,000 to fund ten social projects chosen by its customers, employees, doctors, brokers, and the general public

DKV has given a total of €116,000 in grants to different companies to fund their causes in any of the following five categories: health and environment, eating disorders, disability, active ageing, and health prevention and promotion, as part of the 13th Call for Grants for Social Projects related to Health and Disability.

The projects presented by companies in this edition of “Tú Decides” include over 3,300 beneficiaries. Each company has received a maximum of €12,000 from DKV, with a total of €116,000 given away by the insurance company.

Since 2005, DKV has allocated over 1 million euros to fund some 100 companies, which has directly helped more than 265,700 people. The aim of this initiative is to support projects whose objective is to care for people and their health in order to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable people. Furthermore, it supports campaigns that raise awareness about the influence of environmental factors on health.

The purpose is to encourage stakeholders to submit and sponsor projects.  

In this edition, five categories were established and grouped according to the type of voting system:

Open voting category: this included Health and Environmental projects and could be voted for by anybody residing in Spain. Two winning projects could be chosen.

Closed voting categories: this included the categories of health prevention and promotion, eating disorders, disability, and active ageing. Customers, employees, brokers, healthcare workers, and DKV suppliers could all vote in this category. And eight winners would be selected:

Winners of the 13th Call for Grants for Social and Environmental Projects

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Responsible Company

DKV believes that companies have a social responsibility to people and, therefore, affirms its commitment to sustainable development. The company argues that the need to monetise, through good products and good service, is compatible with the pursuit of social and environmental benefits.

In fact, corporate responsibility is one of the pillars on which the company's strategy is based. Corporate responsibility is part of its corporate mission, as a key aspect in the way of understanding the company's business and is based on responding to the expectations of all stakeholders: employees, customers, public health staff, brokers, suppliers, administration, society, etc.

DKV hopes to increase the number of people who benefit from the Social Grants for Health and Disability Projects in the coming years, and, therefore, to fulfil the ambition of its Corporate Social Responsibility programme related to health.

DKV is present throughout Spain and has an extensive network of health insurance policies offices and consultancies, where close to 2,000 employees serve 2 million customers.