DKV opens the voting period for the best Health and Disability social projects as part of its call for grants for NGOs

DKV has decided to increase this year financial allocation to 120,000 euros, which will go to support a total of 10 projects

DKV Seguros ha puesto en marcha un año más la campaña “Tú decides. Tell us which project you would like to support. Leave the rest to us”. Until 30 April, employees, brokers, medical staff, customers, and suppliers can vote for the social projects that the company will support as part of the 8th DKV Call for Grants for Health and Disability Social projects. As a new addition this year, the “Health and Environment” category is open to voting. Close to 30,000 people voted in the 2017 edition.

DKV wants to build a more healthy world. That's why it works every day to support social causes and initiatives focused on sport and taking care of the environment. The aim of this initiative is to support projects that provide care for people and their health, with a view to improving the quality of life of people in deprived communities. The grants will also support initiatives such as communication campaigns to raise awareness among the population of the influence of environmental factors on health.

This year's call for grants features several new developments, the most significant of which being that DKV has increased the total allocation to 120,000 euros. This means that up to 10 projects can receive funds totalling a maximum of 12,000 euros each. This year, there are 52 finalist projects in the two categories established in this new edition:

Open vote categories:

Voting in this category is open to any person of Spanish nationality who resides in Spain; two projects will be chosen as winners:

  • Health and Environment projects: these awards will go to projects that have a positive impact on human health, as well as initiatives that promote communication campaigns to educate the population on the influence of environmental factors on health. Projects presented by education cooperatives may also be submitted, including projects aimed at preventing childhood obesity and projects from medical societies, patient associations and start-ups.

Closed vote categories:

For this category, only DKV customers, employees, brokers, medical staff and suppliers will be able to select the winners. Eight winning projects will be chosen among the following types:

  • Health Promotion and Disease Prevention: Projects focused on prevention and aimed at improving the health and quality of life of people in deprived communities (children, women, addictions, minority illnesses, senior citizens).
  • Eating disorders: those that provide care to children and young people with disorders such as bulimia, anorexia and childhood obesity.
  • Disability: Projects that support social inclusion and employment of people with physical, sensory, mental or intellectual disabilities.
  • Active ageing: Those that work to improve the quality of life of older people, placing special emphasis on prevention in addition to improving and maintaining cognitive skills.

If you would like to vote, just click on the following link:

Responsible company

DKV believes that companies have a social responsibility to people and, therefore, affirms its commitment to sustainable development. The company argues that the need to monetise, through good products and good service, is compatible with the pursuit of social and environmental benefits.

In fact, corporate responsibility is one of the pillars on which the company's strategy is based. Corporate responsibility is part of its corporate mission, as a key aspect in the way of understanding the company's business and is based on responding to the expectations of all stakeholders: employees, customers, public health staff, brokers, suppliers, administration, society, etc.

The insurance company will continue to expand the number of people receiving benefits from Health and Disability Projects over the next few years, thereby reciprocating the ambition of the company's health-based Corporate Social Responsibility project.

In Spain, DKV is present throughout the entire country with a broad network of offices and consultancies where close to 2,000 employees serve nearly 2 million customers.