DKV launches a digital health case to provide medical care in countries with high infant mortality

Its paediatric version is being tested in Rwanda, and we expect to install further Smart Healthcare Points in the following months, increasing the volume of digital consultations.

DKV has launched a new leading telemedicine tool. This tool is a digital health case developed together with the Spanish companies Sphera Overall Healthcare and Inteligeniapps. It helps collect valuable data with a personal profile of each patient and instantly transfers all the necessary information, so a doctor can issue an indicative diagnosis through chat or video call.

This project, which is part of DKV's Smart Healthcare Points, will provide new telemedicine tools, especially in countries with high infant mortality, where paediatric care does not reach the entire population and many children die because they are not diagnosed on time. The current paediatric application and set-up is able to attend up to 48 consultations per day (12,000 consultations per year). It is a pioneering service that, so far, is being tested in its paediatric version in Rwanda and as a pilot project in India, in collaboration with an ERGO Group subsidiary established there.

The pilot programmes in Rwanda intend to reach the entire child population through schools; whereas, in India, in addition to schools, it includes healthcare centres. In the latter case the project focuses on training teachers in Indian schools to become health agents.

The digital case will also be useful in developed countries, where it can be used, for example, in nurseries or rural areas to attend children who suffer a mishap before the practitioner or ambulance arrives. The case includes a finger pulse oximeter, a blood pressure monitor, a thermometer, a dermatoscope and a stethoscope. However, it is a tool that can be adjusted to new tools depending on the requirements of the specific location or project.

DKV understands how important it is for companies to go beyond making financial profits, and to assume their ethical, social and environmental responsibility through actions aimed at interest groups. As an insurance company, DKV endeavours to create a healthier world in the fields of healthcare, the environment, childhood obesity, the labour integration of people with disabilities, and active ageing.