The level of physical activity of women in the Basque Country is above the Spanish national average

They are also above average for their level of emotional well-being

Data from DKV's Quiero Cuidarme app reveals that Basque women are within the national average for indicators such as cholesterol, blood pressure, tobacco consumption, and sleep quality. However, they are significantly better off than the rest of the Spanish female population when it comes to physical activity, one of the most important factors for analysing a person's health status.

Según lo constatan los datos de las usuarias de la aplicación Quiero cuidarme de DKV, la media en el resto del Estado registra tan sólo un 28% de mujeres que gozan de un nivel de actividad física notable, frente a un 67% que afirma mantener unos índices de actividad por debajo de lo recomendado. On the other hand, over 40% of women in the Basque Country think that their level of physical activity is adequate, rating it as “healthy” (41%) or “very healthy” (8%), whereas the remaining 54% believe that they fall short of the recommended level, rating this indicator as “almost healthy” (20%) or “unhealthy” (34%).

Another indicator in which Basque women exceed the national average is emotional well-being. The statistics reveal that around 40% of Basque women consider themselves as healthy or very healthy, whereas only 34% of the remaining Spanish female population provided healthy responses. For most women, the happiest period of their life falls between the ages of 18 and 24 years and also after the age of 65 years.

Por el contrario, destacan negativamente en cuanto a la calidad de la dieta, ya que el indicador constata que las mujeres del País Vasco no cuidan su alimentación tanto como el resto de las mujeres españolas, presentado unas cifras ligeramente por debajo de la media estatal. Only 74% of the Basque women think they have a healthy or very healthy diet compared with 78% of other Spanish women

Quiero cuidarme is the most downloaded health app in Spain, with over 200,000 downloads. This free app has been developed by experts in health and well-being. In the Quiero cuidarme app, when users enter their data, they obtain their healthy life index (HLI), a score that takes into account the habits and personal health condition of each person, obtained through a scientific algorithm based on nine parameters: sleep quality, physical activity, healthy diet, emotional wellbeing, body mass, cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure, and tobacco consumption. The IVS is a numerical value, with results from 0 to 1,000, with 1,000 being the optimum figure for people to reach. Based on a questionnaire for each of these indicators, the user is placed on a scale from "Unhealthy" to "Very healthy", yielding a score for each indicator related to the sex of the user. The individual results are added up to obtain the customer's overall index.