Conferencia: Coverage in war zones. Ricardo García Vilanova


Behind the photographs that are able to thrill us, there is a photographer with a story to tell. In this conference we will find out Ricardo García Vilanova's story, whose work has led him to situations where human tragedy and pain have taught him important lessons of respect and empathy.

We will relive all these experiences with him through a visual tour of true stories, in which we will address the different aspects of work and ethics within the context of the current wars.

Ricardo García Vilanova

Freelance photographer and cameraman for 15 years. Specialised in conflict zones and humanitarian crises. In the past five years he has covered the Arab springs (starting in Libya in 2011 and in Syria from 2011 to 2017) and has worked in other countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, CAR, Nigeria, Chad, Haiti, Lebanon and Bangladesh, among others.

Since 2011 he has been engaged in a photography project called Ascenso y caída del Isis (2012 - 2018) in Libya, Iraq and Syria. This project is a chronicle of the Isis in these three counties, covering the battles in their capitals (Sirte, Mosul and Raqqa) and other lesser important battles in Kobane, Sinjar and Tall Mar.

This activity is framed within Raúl Moreno's exhibition 'Monólogo sobre Chernobyl, which can be seen at the Sala Multiusos room of the DKV Tower from 18 September to 4 November.