DKV Health and Environment Observatory

A publication of the latest research on health and the environment


The DKV Health and Environment Observatory is an initiative from DKV Seguros and the Ecology and Development Foundation (ECODES), whose objective is to study and analyse the latest research in the field of health and environment. In it, we discuss some issues identified, like a study by the SCALE program of the European Union.

The 2nd Climate Change and Health Observatory focuses on the health impacts of climate change and their relationship with poverty, gender equality and childhood. To do this, the study first conducts an analysis of how the health impacts of climate change contribute differently to economic and social inequality, gender inequality, the security of children and forced migrations; considering the climatic risks to which people are exposed and the location on the planet where they reside.

Then, the observatory presents the various opportunities and solutions to counteract the effects of climate change on poverty, gender inequality and childhood that are being developed by supranational organisations, governments, the private sector and civil society organisations, as well as a section dedicated to the ordinary man.