Paediatricians from DKV also working in the prevention of childhood obesity


DKV Seguros has 1,220 paediatric surgeries in its medical directory located throughout Spain, where medical check-ups can be carried out on children insured with DKV. During childhood, regular medical check-ups and visits to a paediatrician for vaccinations include procedures such as measuring a child's weight, height and the circumference of the head in order to determine the evolution of growth, weight and neuromuscular coordination.

In addition, from the point of view of parents, paediatricians play a key role in the prevention of obesity. For this reason, DKV has invited the paediatricians in its medical directory to take part in the company's childhood obesity prevention programme, and will provide them with the "First Study on the current situation of childhood obesity and overweight children in Spain" and notes for parents via email with a view to raising awareness of the seriousness of the problem and helping them to address the issue.

Thus, the DKV Seguros network of paediatricians works together with parents to prevent childhood obesity and the complications that may arise from the condition.