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At DKV we are specialists in healthcare insurance and we would like to provide you a wide range of flexible and tailor-made products. Via our Medical directory health insurance policies You'll have access to comprehensive healthcare, with primary, specialist, medical and complete hospital care without the wait, and with a personal touch. If you want the option to freely choose which doctor to or hospital you go to in Spain or abroad, you can do it through our health insurance with refund of expenses.

We like taking care of your and your family's health

Because we think prevention is better than cure, DKV wants to be at your side all the way through your life, not only when you're ill. It'll add years to your life - and improve your quality of life. We base our work on an integrated concept of physical, social, emotional, and mental well-being. You will obtain advantages and benefits by making the right choices, with access to prevention programmes and even a personal medical advisor.


And, as always, we want to make thinks easy for you. As well as specialising in health insurance policies, we also offer other types of insurance: sdental insurance, benefit insurance (or economic benefit), accident insurance, severe illness insurance (the only one on the market), we also offer you funeral insurance, home insurance o life insurance. A wide range of options so you always feel safe.

A committed company

As a company, we are committed to people and society, with a focus on sustainable development. Our work is centred on being the best company working towards both the health of customers, giving them a service that exceeds expectations, and being a model company - innovative, open, and responsible.


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