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When we are abroad, it is perfectly normal for us to get a headache, or any other minor pain, and need to find medication to alleviate the pain

Although the active ingredients are the same in all countries, the names of the medicines vary, and this can make them harder to find. 

As well as the difficulty that people can face when it comes to communicating in another language, there is also the lack of knowledge regarding the nomenclature of the medicines that we need to alleviate our pain, as these are very specific terms.  

One of the measures we can take to try to avoid this situation is being proactive before travelling to any foreign country, and to organise a small kit with the most commonly used medicines that cover a wide spectrum of the most common ailments we may experience.

Essential medicines when travelling

We should include the following medicine in this kit: 

  • Antipyretics and painkillers, such as paracetamol and ibuprofen. 
  • Medicine to stop diarrhoea and quick rehydration remedies. Furthermore, we should consider medicine related to other common pathologies affecting the stomach, such as acidity, gas, gastritis, etc. 
  • Mosquito repellent to avoid possible bites that can lead to contagious diseases.
  • Sun cream
  • Anti-nausea medication
  • Everything we need for small remedies; bandages, plasters, iodine, etc. 

If we are travelling by plane, we should also get information on the airline's policy for transporting medicine. The first thing to find out is whether we can carry our medicine kit in the cabin and whether our medication items need to remain in their original packaging or whether they can be carried loose, and whether we need to have the prescription from a doctor that clearly indicates the need to take this specific medication. 

If we have taken out a private insurance policy that covers the cost of medication abroad, we need to know how to get the medication we may need in our destination country and whether we will need to pay for it in advance, to be reimbursed later by our insurance firm, or what the requirements are for the company to make the payment directly. 


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