Medication and travel abroad

Whether we are travelling for business or pleasure, we all need the peace of mind that comes with knowing we are covered by medical insurance

Although the Spanish healthcare system is one of the best in the world, private health insurance is becoming increasingly popular. One of the advantages of private health insurance is the shorter waiting times for diagnostic tests, operations and visits with specialists. However, the main disadvantage of private health insurance compared to public health care is the extent of pharmacy coverage. 

If a doctor in the private sector prescribes a medication, the patient pays the full price for the drug. In contrast, in the national healthcare system, prescription costs will vary depending on the type of prescription. 

When travelling abroad, the first thing to do if you have taken out a medical insurance is to find out the type of coverage you are eligible for abroad. It is often likely that some coverage we receive in Spain is cancelled when we are travelling in other countries. 

Pharmacy coverage in health insurance

Pharmacy coverage in private health insurance policies usually refers to a service that is paid separately and is not usually included in insurance policies. 

This coverage will depend on each health insurance policy, and may range from 50% to 80% of pharmacy costs. Each case requires a review of the percentage of coverage, the limits of this coverage and the type of medication included. 

Another feature of pharmacy coverage in health insurance policies the waiting period. Some private health insurance policies include a waiting period before you are eligible for pharmacy coverage. 

The waiting period is the period of time from the date the policy enters into force until the time in which certain coverage is available. 


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