Travel cancellation insurance

Plan your trip with the peace of mind of being covered should you have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances

We generally start planning our holidays well in advance, with the idea that we will get both our travel and accommodation at the best price possible.

In most cases, this early planning ensures the best price, but also creates the possibility for us to experience some kind of issue that forces us to cancel the trip, which, in some cases, represents the total or partial loss of what we have paid. 

To avoid this type of consequences that travel cancellation entails, insurance companies offer us the possibility to take out travel cancellation insurance.  

The coverage offered by this type of travel cancellation insurance is very diverse, including reimbursement of expenses incurred by the cancellation. The amount of these expenses will depend on how far in advance the cancellation takes place, and in some cases it is 100% of the amount paid. 

Reasons for cancellation with travel insurance 

There are many reasons that can lead to a cancellation, including those of a health nature, extraordinary causes such as damage caused to the insured person's home, work reasons, official requirements, and many more that may or may not be covered depending on the policy and the cover taken out. 

Every insurance company offers a maximum limit on the amount of money covered by the policy in the event of trip cancellation, provided that the reason is defined in the general terms and conditions of the policy.  

Qualifying period for travel cancellation insurance 

Sometimes insurance companies establish a qualifying period, between the time you take out a policy and the time that you have certain coverage, and thus when the cancellation coverage becomes effective.

We should know this qualifying period so that we can plan our holidays and have them insured against any type of cause that would mean we have to cancel them. 


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