Reimbursement insurance

When taking out an insurance policy, there is a wide range of issues to be addressed and different types of policy to be taken out. Among them, we have reimbursement insurance, which not many people are familiar with.

With reimbursement insurance, companies offer consumers the possibility to go to any doctor or medical centre, regardless of whether they are included in the company's medical directory, with the subsequent reimbursement of part or all of the cost of treatment.  

This freedom of choice is not limited to Spain, but also works in the same way if the accident that affects our health occurs outside of our borders. Of course, the type of reimbursement and its limitations will depend on each insurance company. 

With regard to bills for medications or vaccinations, they can be included fully or partially in the reimbursement insurance, and the company can reimburse the total amount spent on medicine purchases or a part thereof. 

How is the reimbursement requested?

The reimbursement mechanism is established by the insurance company and may differ from one to the next. As a general rule, companies usually ask the insured person to send them the invoice for the medical treatment they have been given, detailing the amount, together with a reimbursement form and as much information as possible on the occurrence itself. 

It is also down to the company how much time the insured person has to send all the information and documentation related to the claim. Most companies tend to establish around 7 days for the receipt of the documentation and between 5 and 15 days to make the reimbursement effective, in the event that there is no reason to delay the procedure. 

Is it worth taking out a reimbursement insurance policy?

Reimbursement insurance can be a highly recommended option for those who prioritise the free choice of doctor or medical centre, and is also recommended for people who, for personal or professional reasons, travel a lot and want to have the free choice of doctor and centre should they suffer an accident requiring medical treatment anywhere in the world, and not being subject to the very limited medical directory offered by health companies when we travel abroad. 

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