Travel insurance in Thailand

If our holiday destination this year is Thailand, we cannot forget to include health insurance in our suitcase, avoiding any headaches should we have any issues that affect our health

Thailand has become an increasingly popular exotic destination, and throughout each year, millions of people choose it as a holiday destination.

In Spain, we have a free healthcare system that allows us to receive medical care in the event of any problem free of charge, without the need to make any payment in return for the health care received.

As long as our holidays are spent in Spain or any European Union member state, we will be covered against any incident. As we already mentioned, if we travel within our country, we will be covered thanks to universal free healthcare, and if we do so in one of the countries of the European Union, we will be able to use the European Health Insurance Card. The EHIC gives us the exact same level of coverage as a resident of the country we are in.

Travel insurance in Thailand

If you plan a trip to Thailand, you will need to take out private health insurance that avoids the high cost of medical care in this country, where there is no universal or free coverage. There are a multitude of insurance companies that offer fully customisable policies where the customer can choose the type of coverage they want and the validity period of the policy.

One of the most popular options are insurance policies taken out for a number of days, covering only the time we are travelling in Thailand, which can cover us for 15, 20 or 30 days, or longer.

For trips like the one we are considering this is the most recommendable option, as we will probably take out a range of coverage that we do not consider necessary in our daily lives, and thus pay a higher premium.

Once you have made the decision to take out travel insurance in Thailand, be sure to read both the general and particular terms and conditions of the policy, as you can only make an informed decision once you have all the information.

Many of the travel insurance policies for Thailand specify that the user must make the payment for medical care and subsequently process the reimbursement through their insurance policy. Meanwhile, other health insurance policies for travelling in Thailand offer you the possibility for the insurance company itself to pay for the treatment directly.

Once you have taken out travel insurance in Thailand, the last step is to pack your suitcase and enjoy this international adventure.

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