private health insurance

Private health insurance is a complement or alternative to public health systems.

It is common for people to combine the health protection offered by our public health system with private health insurance that avoids long waiting lists in the event of urgent treatment. 

Our country's social security system offers us 'free' medical care. A part of the salary we receive is withheld and used to cover the cost of the service.  

With regard to private health insurance, the alternatives are greater and you can customise them to suit your needs, incorporating or removing coverage, with or without copayments, etc., to achieve fully customise health insurance. 

Advantages of private health insurance

One of the main advantages of private health insurance compared to the national health system is length of waiting time. With private health insurance, the patient books an appointment directly through a prior search in each company's medical directory. On the other hand, there are waiting lists with social security that sometimes delay surgical procedures for months. 

  • Choosing a doctor: the medical directories of private health insurance providers are becoming bigger and offer users to choose from the most renowned medical professionals in each speciality. 

  • International coverage: many health insurers offer services worldwide. You will be able to use your private health insurance in many foreign countries, but with public health you will only be able to use it in countries that belong to the European Union using the European Health Insurance Card. 

  • Dental insurance: there are private health insurance policies that include dental coverage, saving you money each time you go to the dentist. Public health care does not include any type of dental treatment. 

  • Fully customisable: as we mentioned earlier, private health insurance offers the possibility to take out the coverage that you feel is relevant to you. 

  • Hospitalisation: hospitalisation in health insurance is very different from that offered by the public health system. In most cases, you will have a private room and a wide range of services available. 

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