DKV Integral, our most comprehensive medical directory insurance

  • Discounts for the next six years: -36% in 2021, -30% in 2022, -24% in 2023, -18% in 2024, -12% in 2025 and -6% in 2026
  • More than 40,000 doctors and 1,000 centres available for you
  • FREE dental cover.
  • Psychology, nutrition, chiropody and physiotherapy sessions.
  • Unlimited consultations by video call or chat with general practitioners and specialists via the app "Quiero cuidarme Más".
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What is the most suitable type of health insurance for you?

DKV Integral - target1

I am looking for an economical policy, while still enjoying private healthcare, and I prefer to pay more when I use it."

DKV Integral Complet

  • Access to our extensive medical directory.
  • You will have access to eight of the top 10 private healthcare providers in Spain: Clínica Universidad de Navarra, Universitario Quirón Madrid, Ruber Internacional, Quirón salud Barcelona...
  • 24-hour online chat with a doctor and unlimited video consultations with specialists via our app Quiero cuidarme Más.
  • High copayment.Info
  • Co-payment example:
    • General medicine, paediatrics and nursing: €12
    • Other specialities: €20
    • Consult all copayments here todos los copagos
DKV Integral - target2

I need a comprehensive cover that I can trust, without the premium skyrocketing."

DKV Integral Classic insurance

  • Access to our extensive medical directory.
  • You have access to 8 of the top 10 private Spanish healthcare centres.
  • To reduce the costs of protecting your family, you will have a discount of up to 12% on your family insurance.
  • 24-hour online chat with a doctor and unlimited video consultations with specialists via our app Quiero cuidarme Más.
  • Low copayment.Info
  • Co-payment example:
    • General medicine, paediatrics and nursing: €1.95
    • Other specialities: €2.95
    • Consult all copayments here todos los copagos
DKV Integral - target3

I would like to go to my doctor whenever I need to, without worrying about anything else."

DKV Integral Élite insurance

  • Access to our extensive medical directory.
  • You will have access to eight of the top 10 private healthcare providers in Spain: Clínica Universidad de Navarra, Universitario Quirón Madrid, Ruber Internacional, Quirón salud Barcelona...
  • 24-hour online chat with a doctor and unlimited video consultations with specialists via our app Quiero cuidarme Más.
  • Co-payment example:
    • General medicine, paediatrics and nursing: €0
    • Other specialities: €0
    • There are no copayments
Protect your health with the prestige and quality provided by the European leader in medical insurance
Cover and services

What cover and services are offered in the DKV Integral medical directory insurance?

Enjoy the most comprehensive medical directory health insurance and the best healthcare. You can choose the doctor or clinic for all your health care needs.

No waiting lists or long procedures. You have more than 1,000 associated centres and more than 40,000 medical professionals throughout Spain. Avoid the crowds and ensure the fastest, most convenient and efficient healthcare, choosing only what you need.

Included cover

Primary care

General practice, emergencies, paediatrics, ambulances, analyses...

Direct access to all specialities

Cardiology, digestive system, traumatology, gynaecology, ophthalmology, chiropody, dermatology, allergies... and all diagnostic tests

Surgery and hospitalisation

Cancer and kidney treatments, among others; surgery; hospitalisation (ICU and pregnancy-related included); prostheses; and much more!


Unlike other health insurance policies within the sector, yours will include dental service cover.

Pack your suitcases worry-free

You can count on up to 20,000 euros for emergency assistance worldwide. One of the highest limits on the market!

Daily compensation for hospitalisation

If you are admitted to hospital, from the third day onwards you will receive 80 euros per day, when none of the hospitalisation costs are charged to DKV.

Always covered, for any unexpected event

If you have any kind of occupational or traffic accident, don't worry, we will assist you.

Podiatry, physiotherapy and rehabilitation

No limit on sessions!

Biomechanical gait analysis

An analysis every 5 years in adults and every 2 years in children under the age of 15, at Podoactiva centres with a prescription from a DKV-associated traumatology specialist.


20 sessions/year and 40 for eating disorders, bullying at school, cyber-bullying, occupational stress and gender-based or domestic violence.


Treatment and management of obesity, up to 20 sessions per year.

Respiratory rehabilitation

Respiratory rehabilitation in chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and COVID-19 or coronavirus sequalae. 

Physiotherapy and analyses at home

In level 3 dependency, covered by own services.

Services included

Do you have a trusted paediatrician or gynaecologist?

You have the option of adding whichever paediatrics or gynaecology service you wish, even if it is not included in the medical directory.

Contact a doctor on your mobile phone

  • Check your symptoms and tell your doctor about them.
  • Video consultation and chat to speak to a doctor anytime, anywhere: general medicine, paediatrics, gynaecology, dermatology, traumatology, psychology, endocrinology, allergology, digestive system, cardiology, psychiatry, rheumatology, pain treatment, pulmonology, neurology, angiology, general surgery and otolaryngology, and with longer opening hours!
  • Electronic prescription so you can go straight to the pharmacy without visiting the practitioner.
  • Analytical and imaging test requests, as well as medical reports and results, in your health folder.
  • Have all your medical reports, diagnostic tests and analyses on hand in your digital health folder.
  • Ask the digital midwife any questions about pregnancy, the postpartum period and breastfeeding.
  • Coach: chat with a specialist who will help you to implement lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking, losing weight or increasing physical activity, among others.
  • Free and unlimited service. 

Medical phone lines

24h, paediatric health, women's health, sports, nutrition, mental health...

Preventive care programmes

Sign up to our remote and free prevention programmes and we'll help you improve your overall health. Includes cervical cancer prevention programme for women between 25 and 65 years of age and High-risk Human Papilloma Virus (HVP).

DKV Health and Wellbeing Club discounts

You will have access to the entire catalogue of health and well-being services at lower-than-market prices. Cosmetic services, assisted reproduction, nutrition, sports medicine, and care services for elderly people in residences and at home, and babysitting service.

At DKV we are reinforcing our commitment towards you. Less promises, More ways of taking care of yourself!

Do you know what is new in your insurance for 2021? Among others, you have more telemedicine services and many new features in hospitalisation and surgery. We'll tell you all about it here! We are health activists.

Services against COVID-19

Because our main concern is to help flatten the infection curve, we have many initiatives and services in place to help our customers and society in general.

Prevention plans
Taking an antigen test at trusted centres as an additional diagnostic support service, always under medical prescription, as well as a PCR test when presenting symptoms or due to close contact with a positive patient. In addition, you can request it via a specific WhatsApp channel.
Cover included in the health policy
Respiratory rehabilitation due to COVID-19 or coronavirus sequalae. Maximum 10 sessions/year in children under 10 years of age, and 3 sessions/year in adults.
Telemedicine services
COVID symptom checker, 24h chat and unlimited video consultations with medical specialists with longer schedules via the Quiero cuidarme Más app.
Psychological support
We offer psychological support for customers admitted to hospital due to COVID-19.
Customer service
We want to answer your queries and help you carry out some of the main procedures with your insurance from home, using our WhatsApp service, over the phone or via the private customer area.
Additional services at lower-than-market prices
If the doctor considers that it is not necessary for you to request a PCR test or an antigen test due to your symptoms or contact, but you wish to take it anyway, as a DKV customer you can take this test and others through the DKV Health and Wellbeing Club.
Accurate and up-to-date information
Current medical content on COVID with the latest news on prevention measures, symptoms, treatments and future vaccine. Available in our Quiero Cuidarme blog.
Digital health

At DKV, we work to make your life easier

Health insurance that you can use, even without going to the doctor. People tend to think that health insurance is only useful for going to see the doctor. With DKV, enjoy unlimited video consultations with general practitioners and specialists, as well as a 24-hour chat, via the app "Quiero cuidarme Más". We have solutions for you to manage your health and insurance policy without leaving home. In addition, with the aim of helping you take care of yourself and follow healthy habits, we are providing you access to our health blog with professional articles written by our medical team.

Customer area

Customer area

Our customer-oriented digital solutions have all the features you need to quickly and smoothly carry out your own procedures in a quick and efficient way from a single location, Customer area.. Sit back and enjoy your health! 

Quiero Cuidarme Más App [I want to take better care of myself App]

Quiero Cuidarme Más App

It is a digital health platform that enables you to manage the most important aspects of your health: you will receive private and confidential medical advice by phone or video call with specialists and a 24h chat, where you can also immediately check your symptoms and receive a diagnosis.In addition to offering self-care plans, online medical appointments, a health folder to receive and store your medical reports, electronic prescriptions without going to a consultation, coach to help you improve your habits, and digital midwife service to monitor your baby's postpartum and care.

Quiero Cuidarme blog

Quiero Cuidarme blog

The DKV blog from which to learn how to take care of yourself with health advice for all the family: food, sport, child health, pregnancy, prevention, leisure and emotional well-being.

  • Tips for a healthy diet and doing exercise
  • Professional articles written by our medical team
  • Emotional well-being guidance service
  • News on health, prevention and COVID-19
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Enter and calculate a free, no-obligation quote for your medical directory health insurance.


Waiting periods, copayments, modalities, terms and conditions, and documentation

Waiting periods

You can enjoy DKV Integral's provisions from day one. Only the following services have waiting periods:

  • Hospitalisation and surgical procedures (including prostheses): 6 months
  • Gait analysis: 6 months
  • Childbirth, except for premature deliveries: 8 months
  • Transplants: 12 months

Copayments and modalities

The copayment is an amount you have to pay when you use certain services.

Choose the type the suits you best, from:

Terms and conditions of the contract

Any insurance policy must start with a commitment. Because your health and needs change over time, check if your insurance meets these needs. These are our commitments towards you.

  • Highest age for taking out insurance on the market: up to the age of 75, in an individual policy.
  • We will not raise the price based on the way you use it.
  • We commit to not cancelling your policy after the third year.
  • Because your family's health matters to us, benefit from a 7% discount if you are 4 insured persons, or 12% if you are 5 or more.
  • If you pay annually, you'll receive an additional 7.5% discount.

Download the documentation

Information about the DKV Integral insurance:

  • DKV Integral marketing brochure: Discover everything that your medical insurance offers you: cover, additional services, digital health and prevention programmes.​
  • Terms and conditions of the contract: The aim of this document is to give a clear and simple response to some of the aspects included in the insurance.
  • Insurance information: Standard document with summarised information that will help you compare with other companies' insurance policies.
  • Briefing note: We are committed to clear language. We provide information about the insurance cover before you take it out so that you can get a better understanding of what it entails.​
  • Promotion terms and conditions: Special promotion for taking out new DKV Integral policies for 2021.

Choose the best insurance

Other insurance you might be interested in

Do you still have any questions? We will answer them with some FAQs:

Can I go to any medical centre and specialist I want?

We provide you access to an extensive, quality medical directory with over 40,000 professionals and 1,000 centres.

You will have access to the best hospitals in the country: Clínica Universidad de Navarra, Universitario Quirón Madrid, Ruber Internacional, Quirón salud Barcelona...

Does my insurance policy include dental cover?

We offer you more than 50 free services and others at very special prices. Most companies charge a supplement for this service.

In addition, we put more than 1,500 dentists at your disposal.

How can I contact a doctor via video consultation and chat?

You have to download our Quiero Cuidarme + app, and you will have unlimited access to the following services:

  1. Video consultations and chat in the following specialities: general medicine, paediatrics, gynaecology, dermatology, traumatology, psychology and endocrinology.
  2. Symptom checker
  3. Digital midwife
  4. Coach
  5. Health folder: medical acts and diagnostic tests.

To access all the services, you have to register. Remember that access is different to accessing the customer area.

Do I have cover abroad?

With trips of up to 180 days abroad, you are covered for up to 20,000 euros for healthcare expenses due to an illness or accident.

One of the highest limits on the market!

Can I take out the insurance policy online?

Fast and simple! Take out DKV Integral 100% online through our website; it will only take 5 minutes:

  1. Calculate your price without any strings attached.
  2. Fill in your personal details and those of who you want to insure.
  3. Confirm your details: check that all your details are correct.
  4. Make the payment.
  5. We will give you your insurance number and send you a confirmation email so that you can enjoy all the advantages offered by DKV Integral from day one.

We also offer you a service to help you take out the insurance online; call 876 140 054 free of charge, and we will answer any query.

Can I carry out my procedures online?

You can carry out your online procedures from the customer area:

  1. Check your insurance policy's information.
  2. Change personal details.
  3. Request authorisations
  4. Make an appointment
  5. Evaluate the medical service
  6. And much more...