Health insurance card

The card provides simple access to all healthcare professionals assigned in our medical directory depending on the services covered in your insurance policy

Just as for the use of the national social security system and visiting public healthcare practitioners, the use of the health card is indispensable, in order to access services offered by insurance companies it will also be necessary to present a private health card. 

The design and details that appear on it will be determined by each company and there is no prototype nor obligation to include certain personal identification details or those of practitioners. 

All these cards, both those used in the public health system and those used to access private healthcare, have printed on them, above all, contact details with your primary health care centre on social security cards and telephone numbers or the contact website in the case of private insurers. 

Public and private health card

To obtain the health card in the case of social security, the person who requests it must go to one of the branches of the Social Security Institute to register for Social Security and once they have obtained their membership number, they must visit their assigned health centre to request the allocation of a medical professional and once that procedure has been completed, the health card will be sent to them in the following few days. 

In the case of private healthcare, the company will take care of the process once the policy has been processed and all the necessary documentation has been obtained from the insured person, who will either have the card handed to them or it will be sent to the address provided on the insurance contract. 

When a policy is signed with a medical insurance company to be able to use the medical services offered, the company, as mentioned above, will send you a card along with a copy of the contract, which will be your tool for accessing all the services.  

Once you have received it, you will need it to attend appointments with doctors or hospitals from those included in the medical directory contracted on your insurance policy, where you must provide the information that appears on the card.  

Furthermore, once the appointment has been arranged with the specialist, on attending the consultation you will be asked to show the aforementioned card in order to process the visit and charge the corresponding costs to the insurance company. 

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