Gynaecological check-up, prevention is better than cure

The best way to avoid health problems is prevention and there's no better to achieve this than by having annual check-ups that should never be missed, in the case of women, a visit to the gynaecologist.

It is advisable to have regular gynaecological check-ups. Preventive medicine through simple and harmless examinations and tests.

Cryopreservation of stem cells

Cryopreservation of stem cells
Thanks to our service of umbilical cord stem cell conservation, we are able to invest in health to cure future illnesses.

Cryopreservation consists in a process of conserving stem cells for long periods of time at very low temperatures, reaching -196ºC.

Importance of skin-to-skin contact in postpartum

The first hours after giving birth are very important. Childbirth is very stressful for the newborn, and many changes take place successively in the baby's body.

The first postpartum contact is a magical moment that marks the start of life outside the uterus and where skin-to-skin contact is essential. 

Increase of milk after childbirth

Once the baby is born, breastfeeding must be initiated as soon as possible, in the first hours, so a good bond is established.

During these postpartum hours, the newborn baby is in a state of "calm alert" in which he is able to observe, react

My first visit to the gynaecologist

Young children rarely need to see a gynaecologist. However, in certain situations, they may need to go.

Las consultas que más frecuentemente atendemos los ginecólogos en la infancia son:

Breastfeeding problems and how to solve them

This article focuses on the topic of breastfeeding, a practice that has always existed, and provides solutions to common problems.

Maternal breastfeeding is a common practice that has always existed, however, it is not free from complications.

Keys for a positive labour experience

Customised attention and reducing unnecessary medical interventions, keys for a positive labour experience.

The WHO publishes new recommendations to establish global healthcare standards for healthy pregnant women to have a positive childbirth experience.

The option of assisted reproduction

It is becoming increasingly common to resort to assisted reproduction methods to start a family. Besides fertility problems, it also provides a solution for other cases since the treatment can be adapted to each situation.

In recent years, due to the pace of modern life, it is becoming increasingly common to have children at a later age. The influence of age can entail certain problems for conceiving a baby.

Flu or a cold during pregnancy

Are you pregnant and you have the flu? Find out how to treat this illness. We will also show you how to prevent it.

Durante el embarazo es fácil que el sistema inmunológico esté debilitado, por lo que es relativamente frecuente que aparezcan gripe y/o catarros.

Allergies in pregnancy

During pregnancy, certain allergies can arise or intensify. Learn to control and prevent them so as not to harm your health.

An allergy is defined as set of conditions of respiratory, nervous or eruptive nature that are produced in the immune system caused by hypersensitivity of the body to certain substances in the environment,